Promotion of IIC-6 in Melbourne, Australia on 20-23 April 2006

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3rd Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

5-8 May 2005

by Caridad B. Fiar-od


The IIC-6 information for promotion supposedly presented by Claus Nabert, as he takes the participants on an imaginary adventure that they would treasure and accordingly may even change their life, did not push through since Claus and Rose had to return to Canada due to an inevitable happening, the death of Claus's mother. Juerg Hafner downloaded what was prepared by Claus Nabert and Paz Awingan-Aptimes, the over-all IIC-6 coordinator, for presentation in a one and a half hours imaginary trip. In the absence of Claus, I was requested by Yvonne Belen to present, which I did briefly in 20 minutes due to lack of time.

Highlights of the Report:

For purposes of documentation, the participants were interviewed at random after the report. This was to check on their listening or comprehension skills and which of what was reported had impact. Among those that the participants could remember about the report spiced by my side comments (as reporter-facilitator) were as follows:

1.That the participants know that the IIC-6 team is hard at work. They could remember the joke that those who work hard have soft hearts.

2.That the participants want to experience another real adventure of enchantment,  magic, city circle tram, the regular transit systems, busses, taxis, the architectural designs like the Rialto Towers, the St. Paul Cathedral, etc. That would be another as exciting or more exciting experience than Switzerland.

3.That the participants are eager to meet the Aborigines of Australia, learn from them, and integrate with their culture.

4.That the participants look forward to experiencing the ingenuity of the Australians and that they are interested to see the museums and the amazing concerts, finest pipe organs.

5.That the participants would finally see during the IIC, the different kangaroos, the waddling penguins.

6.That the participants are interested to go to be part of the thought-provoking discussions.

Closing statement from reporter:

That promoting Melbourne where most Igorots plan to go in April 2006 but if for certain reasons we can not go due to finance, visa problem, and conflicting time; perhaps we can go to Apayao or other places in Cordillera to see the museums, the crocodiles instead of Kangaroo. (Joke: If we can not see the crocodile, we might see them in Congress or in Senate).

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