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Proceedings of the 11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK Europe (ICBE) Consultation

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 18-20, 2023


On the Conference

Summary of the Conference

By MABIKAs Foundation 

Organizing the 11th ICBE Conference

By MABIKAs Foundation

Participating Organizations/Foundations

Turnover of hosting the ICBE Conference 

(From MABIKAs Foundation in 2023 to Cordillera Community in Belgium in 2025)


By MABIKAs Foundation

Speeches and/or Talks 

Opening remarks and Words of welcome 

By Myra Colis

Founding Chairperson, MABIKAs Foundation

Perspectives on Cordillera Autonomy 

By Atty Cheryl Daytec

Labor Attache & Head, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO),

Geneva, Switzerland

Inspirational Talk 

By H. E. Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya 

Philippine Embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands

Update on the 14th Igorot International Consultation of the Igorot Global Organization (IGO) 

By Marjorie Akistoy

Secretary, Council of Elders, IGO 

Member, Igorot Organization in Austria

Chants, Songs, Poems


By Gil Tiban Catimo


By Henry Foken

Hail ICBE in Amsterdam Hail, o Hail

By Claire Bucher & Airen Ruettimann


By Aurelia Wagyen & Julia Geston

Impressions on the conference 

Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer (Igorot Organization in Austria)

Henry Foken (BIBAK Switzerland)

Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Linobhut & Marissa Teh-op (Ifugao UK)

Susan Kilakil (Cordi-Bel)

Gil Tiban Catimo (BIBAAK Cordillera Barcelona)

Airen Kalley-Ruettimann (BIBAK Switzerland)

Marjorie Akistoy (Igorot Organization in Austria)

Marilyn Velasco Magoo (RAMBAK Austria)

Annie Hruska (Igorot Organization in Austria)

Claire Bucher (BIBAK Switzerland)

Julia Geston (Igorot in France Association)

Kirsty Zachoval (Igorot Czech Republic Community)

Impressions on the conference by MABIKAs Foundation-The Netherlands

           Karen Palada

           Sr. Josephine Corpuz (Sisters of Charity)
           Christina T. Moncado
           Zeny Loy-odan 
           Jean van de Peut

Yvonne Kay-an Belen

Myra Colis

Cesar Tomilas Taguba

Evaluation, Comments and Messages

Opening Night, May 18, 2023

Day Tour, May 19, 2023

Morning Session, May 20, 2023

Cultural Workshops, May 20, 2023

Cultural Night, May 20, 2023

Comments on other parts of the conference or suggestions for future conferences

Messages to MABIKAs Foundation.

Evaluation of MABIKAs Foundation Board, Constituents and Supporters 


May 18, 2023

Tour on May 19, 2023

May 20, 2023

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