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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MESSAGES for MABIKAs Foundation

From Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer

Thank you moreover for the very warm welcome that you have shown towards all the participants.

From Henry Foken

I’m so happy the MABIKAs held this 11th ICBE conference and thanks God, He gave us the chance to come. 

Thank you to Emy and Martijn for their hospitality.

From Glenn Palangdan Yamoyam

Thank you so much, we have a lot of good things happening in every activity and schedule. 

From Susan Kilakil

Thank you very much to all of you in MABIKAS, talaga ay mabikaskayo. (you are really industrious.) 

From Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Linobhut, Marissa Teh-op

As early as February we were able to receive the confirmation of our accommodation from Renijune Abaya so we were lucky for that. 

Thanks to Manang Yvonne for her dedication in emailing us all the information in advance.

From Marilyn Velasco Magoo

Thank you and MABIKAS for hosting this year’s conference! It was a pleasure meeting you all!

From Marjorie Akistoy

Last but not least, thank you Mabikas Foundation for a job well done!

  From Annie Hruska

Congratulations MABIKAS Amsterdam and ICBE.
Thank you Myra, Mng. Yvonne and your team for organizing the conference.

Thank you to our host family.

From Claire Bucher

It‘s way beyond being generous and caring ti panangsabat and panang-itulud ni manang Christine kinyami! Salasalamat launay. (for Manang Christine to meet and accompany us. Thank you very much.)  

Karen‘s accommodation was very accessible, comfortable and it felt like we‘re home. Thank you so much ading (little sister) for having us. 

Thank you so much manang Yvonne for your energy, effort, time and care. You are the spirit of the Igorots in EU! What an inspiration you are! 

From Lydia Soliba

I also wish to thank Zeny Loy-odan for the accommodation on May 20. Also to my cousin, Yvonne, for fetching me at the Amsterdam Central station and for seeing me  off for Bonn. Thank you for your effort and for the short time I was with you, Manong Cesar and your family.

Thank you to MABIKAs Foundation for bringing us participants together for the 11th ICBE Conference, May 18-20, 2023. 

I also say Muchas Gracias to MABIKAS Foundation, The Netherlands, for hosting the 11th ICBE Conference this year! . . Mabuhay! . . Matago-tago tako! 

From Sr. Josephine Corpuz 

Many thanks to the organizers of this 11th ICBE conference/gathering and thank you for inviting me to join. Thanks  to the food committee, program committee, the ICBE pioneers, the MABIKAs officers. Special thanks to Sir/Pastor Cesar Taguba, our energetic, courageous and  hardworking leader. Our big brother and father to us all. Thanks also to Ms.Cristina Moncado who welcomed and  accommodated us.  We slept over in her house right after the cultural night and the next day she toured us around Amsterdam before we left for home.

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