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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


What are your experiences and impressions of the cultural Night?  

What could be improved? 

Again, I was impressed by the togetherness and oneness among the participants during the cultural night. (I was touched how the male participants who were in charge of Pattong backed us, the people from Ifugao so that we can show our presentation)

Should the program have started on time then we had more time for dancing.

  • Honeyleen Lucero Meyer

The program was well organized. Everybody was ready and well prepared to beat the gongs and dance.

  • Herminia Teh-op, Conchita Linobhut, Marissa Teh-op

I should say that whatever Cordillera province you want, wear their attire. But wear it in a proper way as a respect for our culture. I mean, if you don’t have an attire to borrow or to wear, better not ... don’t improvise.

  • Henry Foken

It was an enjoyable evening, some say “bitin” (left hanging) but I believe it was a positive reaction that they enjoyed it that's why it's bitin.  

Parting time, very sad,. It’s the saddest moment in the event. Again I’m so sad because I didn't meet my closest member of the family living in the Netherlands. 

  • Glenn Palangdan Yamoyam

The same with the cultural night everybody enjoyed it.

  • Susan Kilakil

During the cultural night for me I enjoyed it. I think many have enjoyed it, some were complaining that "BITIN TI ORAS'' (time left hanging) they wanted more time to enjoy. Maybe we could have played other Cordillera dances but since there were no participants from other provinces we can’t do anything. 

  • Gil Tiban Catimo

It was not easy to end the program as we wanted more to dance and sing our Salidummay. As usual, it was more difficult to say our goodbyes. The conference gave me a great feeling of being proud of my culture but there is something more I enjoyed which is sharing the Igorot/Cordilleran spirit throughout the conference. 

  • Airen Kalley-Ruettimann


The singing of the Philippine and The Netherlands national anthems: I have learned throughout the years that I was involved in the Filipino community events/programs, when we sing them we should have flags raised/placed in front of us. 

As we have invited guests during the cultural night, the presentation of dances should have at least in order such as costumes and dances from different provinces, I do not mean perfect but at least orderly. If it is a community or public dancing then anyone can go even without costumes, it is also showing respect to what we are doing. Maybe because there was not enough time to coordinate and prepare for the program, that was why it was a little bit messy in the beginning where we should be presenting each dance of a different province.

I was sensitive during the program proper because I was aware that I was not wearing a costume that was why I did not join the dances, unless it was open for all but I saw the importance of presenting our dances, etc. in a proper manner.

Teaching the younger generations to properly wear the costumes, while there are modernized styles and gowns/dresses with weaving accents but when it comes to the costumes that represent us which we wanted the younger generations to learn and wear, the proper way of doing it should be observed.

  • Marjorie Akistoy

The cultural night was fun too and it was great to connect with everyone and exchange numbers and contact data. It would be great to have a longer break between the workshops and the Gala night, to get to the accommodation and get ready there. Because of all the practicing we were sweating a lot and we couldn’t wash ourselves before getting into the Igorot attire.

It was also great that there was a photographer, so we didn’t need to stress to take  photos from each phone.

  • Marilyn Velasco Magoo

Thanks to the gentlemen for playing the gongs and the solibao. 

  • Annie Hruska 

Adu pay ti maisurat ku kuma ngim, (I could still write some more but) all in all, ICBE in Amsterdam is enjoyable, inspiring and most importantly, our daughter who never danced our Tayaw did it! Not just once but five times or more! She bonded very well with those gorgeous ladies from Vienna, learned so much about her mom‘s origin and very inspired that she‘s looking forward for the next ICBE meeting. This effect, alone on Jasmin, says a great deal about the importance of this gathering! May we keep the fire burning on…. 

- Claire Bucher

Cultural night was an enjoyable night. It was fun seeing everybody dancing with our very own music wearing our native attires. Makes me want to have my own native dress too for future gatherings. 

I can not ask for more, that night was perfect for me, made me miss home more than ever!

- Karen Palada 

And soon came the long awaited part of the conference! . . . The Cultural Night! . . It was a joyful moment for me to see everybody, men and women with their own gorgeous and colorful native costumes with their different Igorot necklaces and beautiful hand chains! I love my native outfit too! 

Almost all the ladies joined with smiles and enjoyed as well, dancing the much loved Ballangbang, making the dance floor full,  thus resulting now to limited hand movements! Nevertheless, we all enjoyed it! . . Appreciation is given to Milan Balolang and Janet Barcena for rendering an old but also popular Abra dance called "Lab-laba-an". They also showed their talent and artistic style to the contentment of the viewers! 

      Hats off to all the Cordillera “Warriors” for their untiring job of beating the gongs in accordance to the dances performed! . . What a night to remember in Amsterdam!

- Lydia Soliba 

Regarding the cultural night on the same day, it was a great gathering when all danced together and learned the other tribes' cultural dance. Many thanks to all our fellow brothers who played the gongs that made us more active and alive. All participants have contributed -- done part to make this gathering successful and meaningful. After all, we belong to one region only as Igorots/Cordillerans. We are interdependent on one another.  

The cultural night was very good as well as the workshop but it would have been better if the dancing part was given more time so we could learn more about others’ dance as we all felt it was too short but nevertheless truly enjoyable. Many many thanks to all!

- Sr. Josephine Corpuz 

The Cultural Night was heart-warming, and it became even more special when the Philippine Ambassador to the Netherlands attended, danced, and presented a well-deserved recognition to the Mabikas Foundation. Witnessing everyone dancing, singing, and playing the gongs in our traditional clothing truly touched my heartstrings. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the program. 

- Amy (Igorot Czech Republic Community)


Nabawasan ti iliw karo d nakiparticipate ak jay community dances w/ gongs ken nadengngeg pay jay hymn ti daduma nga provinces ti Cordillera ken meeting the elders and other kailyans. (My homesickness was lessened especially when I participated in the community dances with gongs and heard the different hymns of the Cordillera provinces and meeting elders and compatriots.)  

- Espie Beniyat 

— END —

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