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Hail Mountain Province, hail o hail!

The land of the Mountaineers free

Majestic mountains, rivers, vale

God's gift to all, we extol thee.


          Rise up, ye Mountaineers, arise!

          Take pride you are a mountaineer

          Lift up your voice be recognized

          Stand from and hold your land so dear

          rise up ye Mountaineers, arise!


With one accord, in unity

Our heritage together keep

working and sharing God's bounty

abundantly, we all shall reap.


----- ***** ----- ***** -----


Machad-ayaw Montanyosa

Ili ay Kaigorotan

Filig, payew, fatag, wanga

inlayad Chios, katakhowan.


          Ifangon yo, itakcheg yo, ifukhaw yo ta chengen cha

          Urnos tako'y esa'y ato, mensilayad, ma-e-esa

          ay, ay, ay, ay, salidumay.


Esa'y kewa, esa'y ili

asi fachang isnan ib-a

cherwai am0in, mid mapili

ta'y tawid na ken Chios Ama.

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