COMMENTS on other parts of the conference or SUGGESTIONS for future conference

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11th Igorot Cordillera BIMAAK-Europe (ICBE) Conference 

May 18-20, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

COMMENTS on other parts of the conference or SUGGESTIONS

for future conference

All of us are living in Europe and we know how important time is so maybe it is high time to learn punctuality!

An Award for the biggest number of  participants :)

  • Honeyleen Lucero-Meyer

Thanks again for the invitation. Mayat koma no addati (It is good if there is a) Dancing Workshop. To learn Igorot dance for those like me who left our town early. Thank you.

  • Christeta Aliping-kuca

It would be great if there is a Facebook Group to connect with everyone and share photos, videos and future activities. Unlike a Facebook page, in a Group all members can post.

  • Marilyn Velasco Magoo

I suggest that we should sing the Cordillera Hymn better for the next ICBE Conference. 

- Annie Hruska


 The Cultural Night is the heart of the conference! It is "Everybody's Darling'' and so the three hours allotted was really too short! I wish it was a little bit longer!   

- Lydia Soliba 

Quick daily introductions for those who were not present in the days before.

Longer gangsa (gong) time and if possible, in Igorot attire.

- Julia Geston 

The cultural night was very good as well as the workshop but it would have been better if the dancing part was given more time so we could learn more about others’ dance as we all felt it was too short but nevertheless truly enjoyable. Many many thanks to all!

- Sr. Josephine Corpuz 


The technical aspects, such as the projector and microphone, could be improved for next time. Perhaps consider using cordless microphones for the speakers, allowing them to freely walk and express themselves through actions as well. 

The food could be improved. While everything was delicious, we had very few traditional delicacies available. It would be great to include more of our traditional dishes in the next ICBE Conference. 

- Kirsty Zachoval 

More prizes kuma for the raffle. 

- Espie Beniyat (Igorot Czech Republic Community)

I hope that the medium for introduction during the first day of the conference was English. Kenneth was intently listening to all the speakers but most of them were speaking in Ilocano. If we wanted to invite more people aside from Igorots, we must also be sensitive enough to include them in the group. Well, I asked twice if everyone can speak English but I think they misheard me. I don't want to go to the conference and become a translator 

Also, a Facebook group should be created for easier communication and information dissemination. 

- Amy Balbawang (Cordi-Bel) 

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