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Kalinga in the Gran Cordillera Central, Philippines, is a very interesting province. During my three-year intensive stay in the place in the 1980s, I was crossing its mountains and villages, and interacting with its different tribes. While it’s really a lively and fulfilling life-experience, writing an article is a major challenge.

It’s a unique place found not only in Cordillera Philippines, but also in Orissa, India; Wooloowin in Queensland, Australia; and in outer space as Asteroid Nr. 2614. Kalinga is also a term which means: the people inhabiting Kalinga province and the language spoken by them. It is variously believed to mean: “outlaw,” “highlander,” “headhunter,” “war,” and “enemy”- all these connote wildness. And to others, it could also mean: care, patronage, support and refuge given.

This province of Cordillera Philippines is landlocked located within the northern reaches of the Cordillera mountain range. To its south is Mountain Province, west is Abra, east is Isabela, northeast is Cagayan and north is Apayao. The Kalingas are noted for their strong sense of tribal awareness and the peace pacts they have made among themselves. The northern Kalinga group is considered the most heavily ornamental people of northern Philippines.

Further information and/or details of Kalinga’s History, Land, People, Customary Laws, Institutions and Practices, Culture and Tourism Attractions will be covered in the succeeding parts of this article.

I hope I’ve provided a start of regular updated information on the province. Moreover, interested individuals and every Igorot, regardless of where he lives, would be well informed of his place of origin.



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