Igorot Austria 15th Anniversary and Induction Ball

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From the majestic Cordillera mountains, the Igorots have gone far and wide since a group of them ventured to the Saint Louis Fair, in Missouri, in 1904. Through the years, many have settled in foreign soils in search of better opportunities, embarking on a way of life different from the indigenous ways that they, and their forebears, grow up with. And so, a group of Igorots found their way to the land of music.

Igorot Austria is a non-profit entity founded in 1999 with the first set of officers inducted in the year 2000. The organization was established to uphold and sustain the heritage, culture and traditions of the Igorots. We are composed of inhabitants from the Cordillera region in Northern Philippines comprising the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Abra, Apayao and Kalinga as well as the cities of Baguio and Tabuk. Now, on its 15th year as an Igorot community in Austria, we stay committed to our ideals of enriching and preserving our unique heritage, culture and traditions for the future generation of Igorots.

Igorot Austria just had its induction ball and 15th anniversary celebration last February 20, 2016. The theme “Nurturing our strength in unity to achieve our goal in promoting the Igorot culture and tradition“ is very much appropriate for the occasion as the Igorot community in Austria is once more united as one after splitting into two organizations for five years.

We are thankful that through the years we have learned from our mistakes, making us better persons individually and collectively. We have learned that in any situation of conflict there is always the cause or the root – our human imperfection, our individual tendencies, name it all. Yet in all things we are Igorots who to some extent can resolve conflicts through our customary laws of tongtongan (to talk) in a dap-ay or ato. Likewise, one of the concept of the Igorot culture is “inayan“ which was instilled to us by our old folks and is something that we take to heart. Inayan signifies fear to the perceived Supreme Being. It prevents one person from doing unpleasant things. To us, it embodies all virtues and morals of tribal members - humility, truthfulness, honesty, fidelity, commitment and unity.

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